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Search Engines and More:
USA.Com Search Engine -- Has reverse lookup on phone numbers and more. Telephone Directories of the world -- Has reverse lookup on phone numbers and more. Telephone Directories -- Has reverse lookup on phone numbers and more.
National Archives Search for material of all kinds in National Archives.  Very comprehensive. Online Yellow Pages and Business Directory.  Very comprehensive. 
Ask Jeeves Search Engine that lets you phrase queries in "natural language". Almanacs, Encyclopedia, Search Engine, Dictionary, Atlas
Google .....  Has option of searching within results.  Currently searching 3,151,743,117 web pages
Yahoo Search the web.
MSN Search the Web Microsoft search
NorthernLight Search over 150 Million Web pages and the Special Collection™ of more than 5,400 full text sources
SnapHas second highest Web pages cataloged, after Northern Light
Info Space - Ultimate Directory
eBLAST : Encyclopædia Britannica's Advanced search and retrieval technology to deliver accurate search results
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Ham Radio:
Link to Mac's Amateur Radio Page 
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Cnn/Sports Illustrated
ESPN Sports Zone
Rush Springs Basketball Champs 86
Rush Springs Sports Rush Springs Oklahoma. Sometimes not active or up to date.
Transcontinental Bicycle Trip Documentation of Trip across USA by my nephew Chris aka Vinnie 
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HowStuffWorks Named one of the "50 Best Websites" by Time Magazine. 
How to Tie Knots Self explanatory 
First Gov U.S. Government website that will provide rapid access to government information and services to the public, for free 
Consumer Product Safety Commission U.S. Government Saftey News and Product Recalls 
Internet Movie Database The biggest and best film and TV reference available
Wayback Machine The Wayback Machine makes it possible to surf pages stored in the Internet Archive's  web archive 
National Digital Library - American Memories Library of Congress site
Poets Corner Hundreds of  Poems by famous authors
Oklahoma Tourism You can plan a successful, enriching, fun and memorable vacation in the Sooner State.
Consumer Information Center - Pueblo, Co. Full text versions of the best federal consumer publications available.
Rush Springs, Ok This is my history and information page. 
Okla. Dept of Commerce-General info on Rush Springs, Ok. All kinds of information on towns and counties.
Rush Springs Public Schools - Rush Springs, Ok.
Familiar Quotations by Bartlett If you need a quotation, and the source, it is probably here. Find quotations on anything; identify quotations by anyone.
Brainyquote Find quotations by topic or author 
US Census Bureau
Better Business Bureau
Digital City Your complete guide to going out and getting stuff done in the nation's largest cities.
Mapquest All kinds of maps and travel information with complete plans and routes.
Lycos Road Map Another mapping site.
MSR Maps Photos of locations in USA.
Your Auto Pilot Trip Planning Highway Trip Planner that creates personalized and comprehensive driving itineraries.
Good Sam Club. Club for RV owners.
Consumer Reports Some of the content requires subscription Shop and search for Recipes
Access America for Seniors Website for seniors to conduct business and get information from the government. 

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Classical Midi Archives - Schwab
Mudcat Cafe - Lyrics of folk songs 
1600 Ozark Mountain folk songs - Max Hunter Folk Song Collection - Lyrics, Music, and Audio
Old Cylinder Preservation - Very, very old recordings.
John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection - Ozark Mountain Folk Song Collection - Lyrics, Music,  Audio, and more 
Mining Company - Midi Information
Chord Book - The Guitar Chords and Lessons
MxTabs - Popular Guitar Tabs - More Guitar Information  

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    Directories and Dictionaries
Wikipedia  A free-content encyclopedia.  Currently 387306 articles. What makes the Wikipedia so good is that it's written by its readers.   There isn't a set group of authors; everyone can join in. 
First Gov U.S. Government website that will provide rapid access to government information and services to the public, for free
First Gov Bureau of Labor Statistics.  U.S. Department of Labor .. All types of job information and statistics.
YourOklahoma Official State Website.  Working- Living-Recreation & Travel-Operating a Business-Education- Health & Public-Safety-Government- Facts & History-Oklahoma S. Government website that will provide rapid access to government information and services to the public 
Dictionaries  A valuable Link to many dictionaries, translators, thesauruses, and etc.  May be the only Dictionary needed.
The Internet Public Library Reference | Exhibits | Especially For Librarians | Magazines and Serials | Newspapers | Online Texts | Web Searching | Teen | Youth |
Fifty  Information about states and communities
Visit Holland and the rest of the World Information about countries, states and communities 
Translation of  phrases and Words (Alta Vista)  Very good translation of words and phrases on the internet! 
Babylon-Pro is  Translation, Information and Conversion tool Instantly provides relevant information about any word.
Virtual Reference site Sites contain over 2,500 of the most popular information reference locations and tools on the Web.
Acronym lookup What do the letters mean? Lots of valuable information also what do the letters mean?
USPS Zip code lookup 
The Telephone Prefix Location Directory     Area code lookup, Telephone Directories
ATT Directories and company information
World wide Art Directory A lot of really nice paintings.
StarSpot Com. Vertical information portals designed to help find the best category-specific information
One Look Dictionary Word count = 3340158 words in 742 online dictionaries now indexed (wild cards) 
List of Dictionaries
Computing Dictionary
Webopedia Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology Dictionary 
World Wide Words  A site every word lover should have bookmarked. 
Info Space - Ultimate Directory Find people, places and things.
ISP Finder Find Internet Service Provider -- 2792 ISP's
Whois  InterNIC Registration Services database -  search for information about domains
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Car Point Microsoft links to new and used autos.
Edmund'sNew and Used car pricing & auto info.
Kelly Blue Book  New and Used car pricing.
Autobytel New and Used car pricing. 
N.A.D.A Used Vehicle Pricing Includes Recreational Vehicles and more
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National Audibon Society Site Field guides and Nature information
Nature-Birds by J. Siler, Wharton College
Nature-More Bird Links
University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.   Excellent site for identification and description of all types of amimals:  Amphibians,  Arthropods,
        Birds, Bony Fishes,  Echinoderms,  Insects,  Mammals,  Mollusks,  Reptiles,  Sharks
NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Resources. Information on all kinds of animals.  Excellent!
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Noble Foundation Look here for identifying pictures of  600 plants for Oklahoma and surrounding area. 
GardenHelper.  Gardening resources 
Garden Guides  Gardening resources
Daves Garden  Gardening resources
Home & Garden Magazine Home and Gardening resources
Burbee Seed Company Garden  seed company
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Genealogy  A leading resource for family history
USGenWeb Archives The USGenWeb Digital Library (Archives) was developed to present actual transcriptions of public records.
FamilySearch Internet  A name search (test site) hosted by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Rand Genealogy Club
Cindi's Genealogy Sites
Family Tree Maker
Ancestor Search
Genealogy Online
A Barrel of Genealogical Lists
GenRoot - Grady County Lots of Genealogical information for Grady County Oklahoma 
Southwest Okla. Genealogical Society
Rush Springs Cemetery Grady County Oklahoma -- Interiment Net 
Oklahoma Cemeteries - Rush Springs - Grady County Oklahoma
Military Genealogy
Genealogy Resources by Veritas Prep

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Health Information -  Founding Socities: American Academy of Ophthalmology -American Academy of Pediatrics-American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology-American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists-American Medical Association-American Psychiatric Association-American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Medline -  A Service of National Library of Medicine --US Govt.
Health Finder-Gateway Consumer Guide--US Govt.
Lycos Health Research a disease, discover alternative treatments, find a fitness buddy, and more.
Mayo Clinic
Orthopaedics Treatment of patients with disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin 
U.S, National Library of Medicine
RxList - Drug Search 
Center for Disease Control
OnHealth  A new way to look at health.

Daily Oklahoman - Online
Duncan Banner - Online  Stephens county Oklahoma newspaper
Marlow Review - Online  Stephens county Oklahoma newspaper 
Chickasha Express - Star  Grady county Oklahoma newspaper 
Lawton Constitution
USA Today
ZD Net Computer news and products.
Newspapers of the World
Dallas Morning News
Light Reading Source for technology and financial analysis of the communications industry
Neosho Daily News Neosho Missouri  ... Kay (James) Hively, a former resident of Rush Springs Ok.  writes for this paper.

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Stock & Finance Sites:
Finance Links
Equity Trader
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TV & Radio Stations:
KWTV TV Oklahoma City  Channel 9 OKC (Has digital HD Channels)
OETA TV PBS  Channel 13 OKC (Has digital HD Channels)
KOCO TV Oklahoma City Channel 5 OKC
KSWO TV Lawton, Okla. Channel 7  Lawton
KAUT TV Oklahoma City Channel 43  (Has live sports)
KFOR TV Oklahoma City Channel 4 OKC  (Has digital HD Channels)
KOKH FOX 25 TV Oklahoma City Channel 25 OKC  (Has digital HD Channels)
KSBI  TV Oklahoma City Channel 52 OKC (Has digital HD Channels)
KSBI  TV Oklahoma City State Web Cams
Yahoo TV Scheduling and listings
Radio Locator
Links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams
BBC Radio Scheduling and listings and  Live streaming. 

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Weather Channel - The weather channel
Doppler Radar - Lawton, Ok.
Wunderground weather - Rush Springs Weather as observed at Duncan, Ok.
AgWeather Home Page --Oklahoma Mesonet.
Dennis Chester's Home Page - Weather
Oklahoma City NEXRAD
National Weather Service at Norman, Ok.
Oklahoma Climatological Survey 
Drought Monitor 
National Hurricane Center
Tropical storm or hurricane information 
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People Search:

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